5 facts about purple shampoo you need to know now

Do you have discolored strands? There are 5 facts about purple shampoo that you need to know right now to make your hair look even more beautiful. You bleached your hair at the salon and loved the result. But, what to do to keep the shade of dreams? We now explain the basics of purple shampoo, also known as de-yellowing, which has the function of balancing the tone of the hair. Widely used by those with blonde hair, people bet on it to "take" the yellowish from the platinum – as purple is opposite to orange, they cancel each other out. These products with purple pigmented formulas do not prevent fading. Yellowing can come from external factors, minerals in the water and even colorist error. Discover 5 facts about purple shampoo now: 1 - Use it once in a while: One of the biggest mistakes is using it every day or every week. If you wash your strands every day – use it once a week – if not, use it very sparingly. 2 - Any hair color can use: you can use purple to lower warm tones on the strands. Brown hair with red dots? Can use. Did the California locks get too hot? Try using the shampoo. 3 - They work to prolong the color you have and not achieve the tone you want. 4 - Leave too much time acting or use on dry hair are other common mistakes: you need water to hydrate the color, so never use it dry . 5 - It may not work: purple products may not have any effect on your hair. It all depends on its characteristics, for example, super fine hair is more susceptible to changes because the hair cuticles need to be weakened for the pigment to be able to enter the hair. Blond hair: does purple shampoo really work? Purple Prudutos for the hair , such as shampoo, conditioner and mask, are famous for promising "desamarelar" or "desalaranjar" wires blond discolored. But while some blondes love purple products, others hate them and claim they don't work or that they've had bad experiences. So you don't spend money for nothing or ruin your locks (or both), the American version of Marie Claire consulted an expert to find out if the purple products really have an effect. NO, THEY ARE NOT MIRACLES Although these products have purple pigments that tend to cancel out orange tones (purple is the opposite color of orange on the color scale, meaning that one "cancels out" the other), shampoo and other purple hair products I won't stop your strands from turning orange again, according to Matt Fugate , a hairdresser for celebrities like Olivia Palermo . To know more click the button below.